International study on communication technologies, environment and brain tumours in young people

An international multi-centre study involving experts in environmental epidemiology and radiofrequency fields from 13 European and non-European countries will study the associations between the use of wireless communication devices and other environmental risk factors and brain tumours. It is expected that approximately 2000 young people over 2-3 year aged between 10 to 24 years with brain tumours (malignant and benign) and matched controls without a brain tumour will received an invitation to participate in MOBI-KIDS. Exposure assessment will be assessed with a detailed questionnaire which will include questions on demographic factors, residential history and questions on risk factors in the environment including the use of mobile phones. The first participants should be invited in 2010.

Research centres from Australia, Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, New Zealand, Spain, Taiwan, and the Netherlands are currently participating in MOBI-KIDS and will provide subjects to the international study.



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