Vijayalaxmi, Bisht KS, Pickard WE, Meltz ML, Roti Roti JL, et al. (2001)

This study by Vijayalaxmi and colleagues failed to find evidence of genotoxicity when lymphocytes were exposed for 24 hours to continuous -wave 847.74 MHz RF radiation (CDMA) at a SAR of 4.9 or 5.5 W/kg. Cells were exposed to RF radiation, or sham exposed, or exposed to an acute dose of 1.5 Gy of gamma radiation.

There were no significant differences between RF-radiation-exposed and sham-exposed lymphocytes with respect to mitotic indices, frequencies of exchange aberrations, excess fragments, binucleate cells and micronuclei. The response of gamma-irradiated lymphocytes was significantly different from both RF-radiation-exposed and sham-exposed cells for all these indices.

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