Sommer AM, Bitz AK, Streckert J, Hansen VW, et al. (2007).

In a previous study these authors tested the effect of chronic exposure to GSM-modulated EMF on AKR/J mice, which are genetically predisposed to develop lymphoma at a high rate, and found no increased risk. In the present study they examined the effect of exposure of the same animals to a UTMS signal.

Unrestrained mice were sham-exposed or exposed to a generic UTMS test signal at 1.966 GHz. There were 160 animals in each group, and there were also 30 cage controls. The exposed animals were exposed 24 h a day, 7 days per week, at SAR of 0.4W/kg. Animals were inspected each day and were weighed and palpated weekly to detect swollen lymph nodes. Visibly diseased mice or those older than 43 weeks were killed, and necropsy and histological examination performed. The study was blinded.

The number of ill animals, the mean survival time, and the severity code of the disease did not differ between the experimental groups.


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