Pacini S, Ruggiero M, Sardi I, Aterini S, et al.

The authors exposed skin fibroblasts to RF radiation for 1 hour by placing a commercial cell phone below culture plates. The phone was switched to the answering mode and was in communication with a second phone in a distant room, close to a voice source. The average SAR was 0.6 W/kg. Sham-exposed cells were also studied, as well as additional control plates that were kept inside an incubator.

The exposed cells showed changes in their appearance on electron microscopy, compared with control cells. The exposed cells also showed increased expression of various genes and increased DNA synthesis.

It is not clear from the report if the researchers were aware of the exposure status of the cells as they examined them. Details are lacking about the distance of the phone from the culture plate. There is scant information about the number of experiments that were carried out to confirm or refute the results.

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