Gurbuz N, Sirav B, Yuvaci HU, Turhan N, Coskun ZK, Seyhan N. Is There Any Possible Genotoxic Effect in Exfoliated Bladder Cells of Rat Under the Exposure of 1800 MHz GSM-Like Modulated Radio Frequency Radiation (RFR)? Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine 29: 98-104, 2010.

The public is concerned about the potential cancer risk due to the daily use of mobile phones in combination with the increased multiple exposures to environmental chemicals in today’s world.  The research data is mixed, contradictory, and inconsistent and it is difficult to establish what adverse health effects cell phones have on the human population.  This study investigates the role of mobile phones on potential cancer risks.

The objective of this study was to investigate the effect of 1800 MHz GMS modulated radio frequency radiation (RFR) on rat bladder cells to determine if the cells were damaged enough to become cancerous.
Two different treatment groups of six adult female Wistar rats each were used in the study.  One group was exposed to 1800 MHz RFR 20 min/day, 5 days/week for one month. The second group was considered to be the control group and was sham-exposed. After one month all the rats were sacrificed and their bladders isolated. Cells from inside the bladders were stained, applied to microscope slides, and analyzed to determine if there were any differences between the exposed and unexposed groups. 

The researchers found that there were no observed differences between the bladder cells of the exposed and unexposed rats, and concluded that at the experimental RFR exposure used, the cells could maintain homeostasis and repair any damage done. 

Interpretation and Limitations
This study demonstrated that no additional cancer risk is expected from the exposure used in this experiment. However, the number of rats used in this study was small, and the combined influence of chemicals plus RFR was not addressed.  

This study suggests that increased cancer risk due to cell phone exposure is minimal and the body’s cells can counteract cell phone exposures at certain levels.

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