Dasdag S, Ketani MA, Akdag Z, Ersay AR, et al. (1999)

Eighteen rats were separated into 3 groups, a sham group and two experimental groups. The rats were confined in Plexiglas cages and cellular phones were placed 0.5 cm under the cages. Rats in the two experimental groups were exposed to microwaves from phones at 890-915 MHz for two hours per day for one month. The SAR was 0.141 W/kg. In one group the phones were in the standby position, and in the other the phones were turned to the speech position three times each for 1 minute during the two hours. There was a non-significant decrease in sperm counts in the exposed groups. The diameter of seminiferous tubules was lower in the speech group. However, the rectal temperatures of rats in the speech group were higher than the sham and standby group.

The authors do not adequately explain the temperature increase found in the rats in the speech group. They also report that the feed-point of the phone's antenna was against the testis and state that this organ was relatively more exposed to microwave radiation than other organs.

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