Chauhan V, Mariampillai A, Kutzner BC, Wikins RC, et al. (2007)

The authors studied the effect of RFR exposure on apoptosis, cell cycle progression, viability, and cytokine production in a series of human-derived cell lines. The cells were exposed to intermittent (5 minutes on, 10 minutes off) 1.9 GHz pulse-modulated RF fields for 6 hours at mean SARs of 0, 1, or 10 W/kg. Negative (incubator) and positive (heat shock for 1 hour at 43˚C) were also included. The cells were assessed at the end of exposure and 18 hours post-exposure for viability, apoptosis, and alterations in cell cycle kinetics. The supernatant fluid was assessed for the presence of a series of human inflammatory cytokines (TNFA, IL1B, IL6, Il8, Il10, IL12).

No detectable changes in cell viability, cell cycle kinetics, incidence of apoptosis, or cytokine expression were observed in any of the RF-exposed groups in any of the cell lines tested, relative to the sham controls. The positive (heat-shock) controls showed a significant decrease in cell viability, increase in apoptosis, and alteration in cell cycle kinetics.

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