Thors, B.; Hansson, B., and Tornevik, C. The generation of simple compliance boundaries for mobile communication base station antennas using formulae for SAR estimation. Phys Med Biol. 2009 Jul 7; 54(13):4243-56.

Many different methods for assessing compliance with RF exposure guidelines in the proximity of base station antennas have been developed. These methods include determination of compliance boundaries and are based on measurements, numerical simulations, or both. For communication with the public, simpler and more conservative compliance boundaries would be useful.
The objective was to develop a procedure for generation of simple and practical compliance boundaries for mobile communication base station antennas.

The procedure is based on a set of formulae for estimation of localized and whole-body SAR in three most critical directions (main lobe, back and axial) around base station antennas. The input for the formulae includes the frequency, the transmitted power and antenna-related parameters such as dimensions, directivity and half-power beamwidth.

Results, interpretation and conclusion
With the estimated SAR values in the three key directions, it is demonstrated how compliance boundaries can be produced, outside of which exposure levels do not exceed limit values. The conservativeness of the procedure is analyzed and discussed.


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