Mild KH, Carlberg M, Wilen J, Hardell L(2005):

In epidemiological studies of phone use, participants have often used more than one type of phone. Since different phones have different average power output, this adds to the difficulty of assessing exposure status.

The authors suggest a method that would allow the combining of different phones. They propose assigning a score to each phone that would account for the different power outputs of phones. For example, NMT analogue phones operate with a maximum power output of 1 W, and very seldom down-regulate this. GSM 900 digital phones operate with a maximum power of 0.25 W, but down-regulate depending on the distance to a base station, and the typical value would be 0.1 W. Cordless phones operate at 0.01 W. The weighting would reflect this i.e. NMT = 1, GSM = 0.1, and cordless = 0.01. These weights could be multiplied by hours of use.

The authors also discuss measured SAR values and integrated SAR values.

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