Schuz J, Bohler E, Berg G, Schlehofer B, et al. (2006)

This paper is based on a German Interphone study, carried out during 2000-2003. Cases of glioma and meningioma aged 30-69 years were compared with controls, matched on age, gender and region. There were 366 glioma cases, 381 meningioma, and 1491 controls. Two controls were chosen for each case. The participation rates were 79.6% for glioma cases, 88.4% for meningioma cases, and 62.7% for controls.

The respective odds ratios (OR) were 0.98 (95% confidence intervals 0.74, 1.29) for glioma and 0.84 (CIs 0.62, 1.13). A non-statistically significant risk for glioma was found for those who had used cell phones for more than 10 years. The OR was 2.20 (CIs 0.94, 5.11). These results were based on 12 cases only. With a small number of cases, the risk of an error increases. No excess of temporal glioma or meningioma was observed in cell phone users. Cordless phones were not associated with increased risk of either tumour type.

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