Lonn S, Ahlbom A, Christensen HC, Johansen C, et al. (2006)

This was part of the Interphone study, and was based in Denmark and Sweden. The study period was September 1, 2000, to August 31, 2002. Cases were benign and malignant tumours of the parotid salivary gland diagnosed at a variety of clinics. The cancer registries were checked for malignant cases that may have been missed. A total of 71 malignant cases and 128 benign cases were identified. Information was obtained by personal interview and/or a telephone interview, or a mailed questionnaire if neither of the other options was possible. Controls were recruited from the study population base. Details of cell phone use were ascertained.

Information was collected from 60 malignant cases (85% response), 112 benign cases (88.5 response), and 681 controls (88% response). For regular phone use, regardless of duration, the risk estimates for malignant and benign tumours were 0.7 (95% CI 0.4, 1.2) and 0.9 (0.5, 1.5) respectively. Similar results were found for more than 10 years' cell phone use.

These results are in agreement with previous reports.

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