Klaeboe L, Blaasaas KG, Tynes T (2007)

This study was part of the Interphone study, a multinational collaborative study. Cases of glioma, meningioma, and acoustic neuroma were identified continuously throughout 2001-2002 through collaboration with neurosurgical clinics in Norway. Controls were randomly sampled from the Norwegian Central Population Register and stratified on age, sex, educational level, and residential area. Cases and controls were interviewed by face-to-face interviews or by phone interview if necessary. Proxy correspondents were interviewed for 36% of the glioma cases. Detailed information about cell phone use was collected from 289 glioma cases (response rate 77%), 207 meningioma cases (71%), and 45 acoustic neuroma cases (68%), and from 358 controls (69%).

For regular cell phone use, defined as on average at least once a week or more for at least 6 months, the odds ratio (OR) was 0.6 (95% CI 0.4-0.9) for gliomas, 0.8 (0.5-1.1) for meningiomas, and 0.5 (0.2-1.4) for acoustic neuromas. Similar results were seen with cell phone use of 6 years or more. No increasing trend was observed for gliomas or acoustic neuromas.

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