Ozturan O, Erdem T, Miman MC, Kalcioglu MT, et al. (2002)

Thirty adult volunteers with normal hearing were used in this study. They were tested using evoked otoacoustic emissions (OAEs), which measure energy emitted from the cochlea in the inner ear after appropriate stimuli. Four OAE sessions were conducted for each subject. There was a baseline measurement, then a repeat test to confirm test-retest reliability. The subject then held an activated GSM cell phone at 900 MHz to their right ear for 10 minutes, and a third OAE test was performed immediately after the telephone use. Another OAE test was done 10 minutes after the third test to assess the recovery of hearing.

There were no significant differences in the results obtained in the different test sessions. The authors concluded that a 10-minute exposure to the EMF emitted from a mobile telephone had no effect on hearing, at least at outer ear, middle ear and cochlea levels.

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