Koivisto M, Haarala C, Krause CM, Revonsuo A, et al.

This study from Scandinavia used an experimental design, enabling an exposed group to be compared with a control group. Forty-eight volunteers participated in each experiment. The participants were different in each experiment. In the first there were 24 males and 24 females, average age 26 years. In the second there were equal numbers of males and females and the average age was 23.2 years. The exposure used was 902 MHz with 217 pulse modulation. In experiment 1 the subjects participated in two sessions, separated by 24 hours. Half of the subjects received the RF exposure in the first session. In the second experiment, there was a single one-hour session, with half of the subjects receiving RF exposure in the first half of the session and the others in the second half. There was no difference between the groups, in either experiment, in subjective symptoms such as headache, dizziness, fatigue, itching or tingling of the skin, and sensations of warmth on the skin.




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