Irlenbusch L, Bartsch B, Cooper J, Herget I, et al. (2007):

The authors tested the effect of RFR exposure on the visual discrimination threshold (VDThr) of 33 volunteers (12 female, average age 23.7 years). Each subject took part in two experiments (RF- and sham-exposure) on two different days one week apart.  In each experiment the VDThr was assessed by the subject pressing a key when she or he recognized a flash on an illuminated screen in front of them. The VDThr was assessed at 10 s intervals for 2 periods of 30 minutes, with a 5-minute break in between. The sequence of the two experiments was randomized and the subject was unaware of the exposure status. During the RF exposure the subject was exposed to a GSM signal at 902.4 MHz frequency, pulsed with 217 Hz. The power flux density was 1 w/m², and the maximum local averaged SAR in the retina over 1g and 10 g of tissue was 0.007 and 0.003 W/kg respectively.

No statistically significant differences in the VDThr were found in comparing the data for RFR exposure with those for sham exposure.

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