Erogul O, Oztas E, Yildirim I, Kir T, et al. (2006):

Erogul et al. studied a semen sample from 27 men. They divided the sample into two parts. One part served as a control, and the other was exposed to RFRF from a 900 MHz phone at 10 cm. range for 5 minutes. The sperm were then analyzed. Statistically significant changes were observed in the RFR-exposed group. There was a decrease in the mean percentages of rapid progressive and slow progressive categories of sperm movement, and an increase in the percentage in the no-motility category. There was no statistically significant difference in the sperm concentration between the two groups.This study does not mention SAR levels, or whether or not temperature recordings were made of the different samples. A thermal explanation for the findings can not be excluded.

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