Edelstyn N, Oldershaw A. (2002)

The authors randomly assigned 38 young, male volunteers to either an experimental group, which was exposed to a connected mobile phone, or a control group in which the mobile phone was switched off. The subjects remained blind to exposure status throughout the study. The experimental group was exposed to an electromagnetic field emitted by a 900 MHz phone held to their left ear for 30 minutes. SAR was 1.19 W/kg.

Cognitive performance was assessed prior to exposure, and at 15 minutes and 30 minutes during the exposure. Six cognitive tests were done - digit span and spatial span forwards and backwards, serial subtraction and verbal fluency. Significant differences were seen after 15 minutes of exposure in two tests of attentional capacity (digit span forwards and spatial span backwards) and one of processing speed (serial subtraction). In each of these tests, performance improved in the exposed group.

The authors suggested that the findings could be explained by a local dilatation of blood vessels in areas of the brain within the region of the antenna of the phone.

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